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Letter From the President

Initiatives progress, infrastructure stands latest battering, open space issue heats up

by Todd Stone

The Gallows Run experienced another round of torture testing of its newly improved infrastructure this summer. Heavy rains and a microburst of wind down the main valley of the stream up - rooted sycamores and created torrential streams of stormwater runoff. Streamside erosion was exacerbated and some of the deeper holes on the stream are full of sediment, but rebuilt bridges and stream bank restoration at Kintner Hill Road stood the test.

The new bridge over the Run at Ferndale has been completed, the Delaware Canal path is almost finished, and the bridge over Gallows Run at routes 611 and 32 is scheduled for rebuilding in August, 2010. For more on the Rt. 611 bridge proposal, visit our website at

Gratifying as it is to see progress being made in the watershed, this recent storm cycle again calls our attention to the need to be vigilant about stormwater management.

The GRWA Tree Squad continues to promote the planting of 1000 native trees at Community Day events in Nockamixon, Springfield and Durham and at Palisades schools. It is also starting work with local churches to support the effort.

There is nothing that will better preserve the water quality of the Gallows Run and other local streams than conservation of the forests and riparian buffers that filter and slow stormwater run-off.

The GRWA continues to collaborate with our partners to support and promote Open Space preservation in the watershed, which includes these vital greenways.

GRWA is hosting a stream clean-up of the Gallows Run and Lynn Island on Oct. 24, to pick up debris left by recent high water events. Dr. Anne Rhodes of the Morris Arboretum will be on hand to educate us about those things other than trash we may find on our walk.

Springfield Township is working towards adoption of a new, state-of-the science stormwater ordinance referencing the latest guidelines from Harrisburg. This ordinance could serve as a model for all our Upper Bucks communities’ use. It will be the topic for the upcoming winter meeting of the Upper Bucks Regional EAC, co-sponsored by Cooks Creek and Gallows Run watershed associations.

This issue of Upper Bucks Futures features the four candidates for two Nockamixon supervisors’ posts, who are up for election on Tuesday, Nov. 3. We hope their responses to our questions help voters make an informed choice.

The GRWA is delighted to be sponsoring a unique addition to this year’s seventh annual members’ meeting. Please be sure to mark your calendars, to attend our meeting at 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 24, at the Ferndale Inn. It will be followed at 5:00 by the opening of our “Artists of Gallows Run: Art for Conservation” exhibit and sale. Details are in this issue. Come out and support the GRWA and land conservation, while enjoying how the artists in our watershed interpret the natural beauty of our neck of the woods in Upper Bucks.

Don’t forget to renew your GRWA membership for 2009. If you can manage it, we would welcome your additional support in the form of a gift membership for a friend, colleague or family member.

They needn’t live here, but we’re sure you have folks who come to visit and express their enjoyment of our beautiful area. Giving a gift membership to GRWA will allow them to receive our newsletter and feel a part of that beauty.

It’s through such funding from you, our members, along with grants from our partners and affiliates that we’re able to fulfill our mission to protect and preserve the natural resources of the Gallows Run for the future. This issue of UBF should provide ample evidence that we have considerable work cut out for us in the coming year, and we need resources to make that happen. Thanks for your continued support.

Letter From the President





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