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Background on
High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)

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 Environmental Impacts and risks
Impacting Bucks?  | Social ImpactsEconomic
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Fracking in Bucks County?

David Yoxtheimer, a hydrogeologist at the Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research, said ...

"It is not at all clear on how productive the Lockatong could be, but would likely require hydraulic fracturing if it were to be economically viable,"  MCall

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Typical shale gas well site

In the News

    Article I, Section 27

    Natural Resources and the Public Estate
    The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the
    preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values
    of the environment. Pennsylvania’s public natural resources
    are the common property of all the people, including
    generations yet to come. As trustee of these resources, the
    Commonwealth shall conserve and maintain them for the
    benefit of all the people.

  • The Elements of Fracking
    Yes, there may be good arguments for the need to make use of domestic fossil fuels - given the nature of our society, which depends on inexpensive sources of energy for economic growth.  We understand why leasing land to gas companies would be attractive to residents who own such land, particularly if they are struggling to pay expenses.

    But our shared natural resources, such as our ground water, air, rivers, and streams, are certainly critical to our needs and should be protected (we should not rob mother to pay Paul).   Water and air is not limited by property boundaries.

    Regulation has become a dirty word in some political circles, but history shows that the industry cannot be trusted to take care of public resources. For-profit entities will often take shortcuts to maximize profits, particularly when it is not a community-based company - or it will make mistakes based on false assumptions about risks - such as how long a well casing will last.   

    How safe is fracking?  There's an urgent need for a science-based assessment before additional fracking is allowed in our State.  We feel that this is a reasonable demand given that such policy is already in place in neighboring States, and given the science-based evidence for concerns about the safety of the process.

    Further, there is much more to gas extraction than putting a drilling rig on your property.  It creates a noisy and dirty industrial environment with many opportunities for adverse events, which affects the entire community and potentially the quality of vital natural resources, such as sources of fresh drinking water for the entire State:

    Elements of Hydraulic Fracturing:

    Chemical disclosure (proprietary parts? - verified by independent agency?)
    Acquired radiation and heavy metals from leeched shale

    Source of Elements of Hydraulic Fracturing: Hydraulic Fracturing 101

    A snip on water use alone:

    "In 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimated that 70 to 140 billion gallons of water are used to fracture 35,000 wells in the United States each year.

    ... The extraction of so much water for fracking has raised concerns about the ecological impacts to aquatic resources, as well as dewatering of drinking water aquifers."

    More Background Articles

    • CHAPTER 33:


      § 3302. 

      Oil and gas operations regulated pursuant to Chapter 32.

      Except with respect to local ordinances adopted pursuant to the MPC and the act of October 4, 1978 (P.L.851, No.166), known as the Flood Plain Management Act, all local ordinances purporting to regulate oil and gas operations regulated by Chapter 32 (relating to development) are hereby superseded.

      No local ordinance adopted pursuant to the MPC or the Flood Plain Management Act shall contain provisions which impose conditions, requirements or limitations on the same features of oil and gas operations regulated by Chapter 32 or that accomplish the same purposes as set forth in Chapter 32.

      The Commonwealth, by this section, preempts and supersedes the regulation of oil and gas operations as provided in this chapter.

      ACT 13 the text of the bill

    Proponents and Authors
    • Bill Sponsor: Hon. Brian L. Ellis
      6 Chesapeake Street
      Suite 200
      Lyndora, PA 16045
      (724) 283-5852
      Fax: (724) 284-8253
    • Your governor:
      Corbett (717)787-2500
    Local Representatives supporting it - virtually all.  Full list is pending:
    • Hon. Paul I. Clymer
      311 North 7th Street
      Perkasie, PA 18944
      (215) 257-0279
      Fax: (215) 257-6350
    • Sen. Bob Mensch
      Senate Box 203024
      Harrisburg, PA 17120-3024
      Room: 459 Capitol Building
      (717) 787-3110
      FAX: (717) 787-8004


    Questions for your representatives?

    What are the environmental, health and social impacts of Fracking in the near and long term?

    Unanswered Questions and Concerns

    What are the environmental, health and social impacts of Fracking in the near and long term?


    Fracking News and Evidence-based Reports

    Research Tools | Government reports | Science-based reports |
     Environmental Impacts and risks
    Impacting Bucks?  | Social ImpactsEconomic
    Violations and Accidents | Act13 | Sierra Club Resources

    Evidence-based Topic Search:

    Independent tools to monitor shale gas wells:


    Government and Commission Reports

    Science-based Reports

    Reports based on use of scientific methods and published in peer-reviewed journals

    Industry assurances of the safety of fracking seem to be based entirely on unproven theory. 

    Can you cite an industry study using scientific methods that proves the fracking process is safe?  Please contact us if you can.

    Environmental Impacts and Risks

    Violations and Accidents:

    Impacting Bucks County?

    Social Impacts

    Economic Impacts?

    ACT 13

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